No.  You will see incredible results when planting a seedling, clone or even germinating your seed directly into your final container.  A plant grown with artificial fertilisers will not be used to attracting microbes for food on it’s own and will have a difficult time adjusting to a new and living, soil food web.  Further to this, the salts from the original fertilised root ball may harm living organisms in your soil which could be detrimental to the health of the soil biology as well as the plant.  Finally, the soilless rootball will still require liquid nutrients to feed the plant as it will not be able to access the organic, plant available nutrients from the surrounding living soil until it’s roots begin to spread.  This will potentially kill your plants. Try to minimise transplants to avoid disturbance of the soil food web organisms. Roots, fungal hyphae, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, earthworms and soil mites have been building soil structure to create a perfect ecosystem for your plant to grow in and access nutrients every second of every day.