9 times out of 10, any issues will be related to moisture levels in soil from either under or over-watering.  Ensure you have completely hydrated soil and use a horticultural liquid or powdered aloe extract in your irrigation water for it’s hydrating effect.  Check to see you have not overwatered by lifting the pot and looking for excess moisture at the bottom of pot. If environmental conditions are good and the pot is heavier than when you first watered, most likely this is the problem.  Leave alone and wait a couple days for the soil moisture to reduce to optimal levels. Living organic soil thrives and functions optimally as an aerobic ecosystem. The microbes in Easy As Organic Soil Blends prefer a healthy, oxygen-rich environment to effectively break down organic matter and exchange nutrient ions with your plant. If you starve your soil of oxygen, these microbes cannot do their job effectively and will even begin to encourage harmful anaerobic bacteria which will invite pests and disease.