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Insect Frass is a potent bio-fertiliser, rich in organic nutrients, chitin and beneficial biology.



Insect Frass   

Powerful bio fertiliser and Inoculant

This Insect Frass is the castings of black soldier fly larvae, made by Bardee in a state of the art, lab controlled facility in Victoria, Australia that closes a loop on food waste. The end product is a consistent and potent bio-fertiliser, rich in organic nutrients, plant available chitin for plant pest resistance and beneficial biology.

  • Slow release nitrogen for longer season crops.
  • Improves organic fertilizer effectiveness as well as N and P availability due to a low C/N ratio.
  • Increases plant biomass resulting in heavier and healthier fruits.
  • Rich in beneficial biology at 200x that of compost. Nitrogen fixing bacteria, protozoa and fungi in all beneficial, functional groups at 240,000,000 CFU/g.
  • Promotes soil microorganisms.

Typical Analysis

Total Calcium (%) 10.5
Total Magnesium (%) 1
Total Nitrogen (%)

Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/kg N)

Ammonium Nitrogen (mg/kg N)




Total Phosphorus (%) 1.39
Total Potassium (%) 1.75
Total Carbon 33.40
pH 7.35
How to use

Application rates

Garden beds: Spread 100 to 250g per m2 and gently incorporate into the soil before planting and again after seedlings are established. Apply mulch on top to maintain moisture.

Top dress: Sprinkle a handful around the rootzone. Water in to activate.

Fertigation/root drench: Add 2 Tbsp 9L water. 

Potting soil: Apply and mix at 1.5% to 2% or 15-20mL per litre of potting media. 

Hydroponics: Top dress directly to any grow media (rockwool, coco, hydroton)

  • Add 1/2 cup per 100L of water (strain for drip systems)
  • For best results, brew insect frass tea for 24 hours before use 
  • Add directly to the reservoir for flood to drain systems.

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