• Restores depleted soil to a rich and balanced nutrient profile.
  • Optimise soil nutrients for ultimate vegetative and flowering growth,
    all season long.
  • Nutrients accurately balanced to create optimal physical soil structure for
    biological activity and efficient nutrient cycling.
  • Organic ingredients carefully selected for environmental sustainability
    and soil health.
  • Developed and formulated with world leading agronomists to achieve precision
    nutrient sufficiency and balance in an easy to apply blend.

Ingredients: Soft rock phosphate, micronised natural gypsum, fish bone meal, insect frass, neem
meal, fish meal, potassium sulfate, mycorrhizal fungi inoculant.

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Regenerate organic nutrients for soil and plant

Regenerate: Certified Organic, All-Purpose Fertilizer

Regenerate is not just a fertilizer; it’s a comprehensive soil rejuvenation solution. Crafted with the finest organic ingredients, this solid, all-purpose blend is your key to unlocking the full potential of your garden, whether you’re nurturing ornamental plants, tending to food crops, or cultivating fruit trees.

  • Soil Restoration: Revitalize your garden’s soil, bringing balance and richness back to depleted earth. Regenerate is perfect for both long-cycle plants in potting mixes and short-season vegetable crops, ensuring prolonged fertility and vibrant growth.
  • Season-Long Optimization: Tailored to support all growth stages, from lush greenery to bountiful blooms, without the need for seasonal fertilizer changes. Experience unparalleled vegetative and flowering growth, season after season.
  • Enhanced Soil Health: Promote good soil structure and witness a flourishing of microbial activity with Regenerate. Our balanced formula encourages healthy roots and efficient nutrient uptake, laying the foundation for a thriving garden.
  • Sustainable Ingredients: Selected for their sustainability, as well as their benefits to plant and soil health, our organic ingredients support not only your garden’s growth but also the planet’s wellbeing.
  • Agronomist-Developed: Formulated in partnership with world-leading agronomists, Regenerate represents the pinnacle of organic fertilization science. Achieve precision nutrient balance with an easy-to-apply blend designed for peak plant performance.


  • Balanced Nutrient Release: Enjoy the benefits of both immediate and sustained nutrient release, thanks to a wide spectrum of organic amendments.
  • All-Purpose Versatility: Ideal for a variety of plants, including ornamentals, food crops, medicinals and fruit trees, making it a versatile addition to any garden.
  • Organic Certification: Have peace of mind knowing you’re using a product that’s safe for your plants, your family, and the environment.

Transform Your Garden with Regenerate

Choose Regenerate for a garden that’s not only vibrant and productive but also sustainably nourished.

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