Professionally formulated organic nutrient blend to promote vigorous plant growth by building healthy, balanced soil.


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Regenerate organic nutrients for soil and plant

  • Restores depleted soil to a rich and balanced plant nutrient profile.
  • Optimise soil nutrients for ultimate vegetative and flowering growth,
    all season long.
  • Nutrients accurately balanced to create optimal physical soil structure for
    biological activity and efficient nutrient cycling.
  • Organic ingredients carefully selected for environmental sustainability
    and soil health.
  • Developed and formulated with world leading agronomists to achieve precision
    nutrient sufficiency and balance in an easy to apply blend.

Ingredients: Soft rock phosphate, grade 1 natural gypsum, fish bone meal, insect frass, neem
meal, fish meal, potassium sulfate, mycorrhizal fungi inoculant.

Regenerate Nutrient and Mineral Blend is an easy way to restore plant nutrients in no till beds, build new soil or recycle old soil from a blend of carefully selected ingredients.  By topdressing or amending old soil with this organic fertiliser, you are giving your soil a wide range of organic nutrients that microorganisms will break down and make available to the plant when the plant needs it. It is a blend of insect frass and marine-fish based soil amendments, rock minerals and potassium sulfate with a high carbon content. Ideal for restoring nutrient levels in soil beds and containers in between growing cycles. It contains a balanced profile of slow and quick release nutrients and minerals in organic form with plenty of carbon for microbial stimulation and long term soil fertility throughout the growing cycle. Also included is a quality mycorrhizal inoculant which is most effective when used as a topdress. This particular mycorrhizal inoculant contains 4 strains of endomycorrhizal spores which all aid in various plant processes from disease suppression to water and nutrient translocation. Mycorrhizae is an incredibly important symbiotic association that vastly increases plants ability to uptake nutrients and protect the rhizosphere from disease. It sequesters carbon and greatly reduces fertiliser needs.

How to use

Restore used soil per 50L:

Add 1/4 kg or .5 – 1.5 cups

Add 10-15L high quality worm castings or compost

Add 10-15L aeration amendment (7mm scoria, perlite, pumice etc)

Mix well, water until evenly moist and allow soil to cycle for at least 1 week. Plant seedlings or cuttings.


Topdressing pots and raised beds

  • 0.5 to 1 cup of Regenerate per 50L pot of soil.
  • 2.5 to 5.5 cups of Regenerate per square metre of soil.
    Scratch into top 5 to 10cm of soil and apply a light dusting of worm castings or compost on top. Water in gently.


Rates to restore used soil

  • 150g of Regenerate per 25L of soil. Add 1L of worm castings and 1L of aeration. Water and let rest for 48 hours prior to planting.
  • 6kg of Regenerate per cubic metre of soil. Add 40L of worm castings and 40L of aeration. Water thoroughly, turning every 2 days for at least 1 week prior to planting.

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