What time of day should I apply an IPM foliar spray to my garden?

At sundown or when your lights switch off indoors.  Do not spray your plants under direct light with neem oil as they will burn.

How often should I apply an IPM foliar spray?

Once per week for prevention and every 3 days for an outbreak.  Make sure you’ve covered every square centimetre of foliage with your IPM solution.

We recommend in a foliar spray solution consisting of 5L clean water, add:

  • 18ml Cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil emulsified with a few drops of Dr. Bronner's Soap or liquid silica
  • Powdered Aloe at only .5 tsp

Thoroughly spray both sides of leaves, ensuring every square centimetre of foliage has been covered.  Do not spray once plants begin flowering.

What does IPM mean and why is it beneficial to the plants growing in my Easy As Organic Soil?

IPM or integrated pest management is a process you can use to build plant resistance against pests and disease while minimising risk to people and the environment. It encourages beneficial microbes and predatory insects while inhibiting pest’s ability to eat and breed. It’s a strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage and promotes an ultimately balanced, living organic eco-system.