Soil Life Summit Insights and Innovations from Industry Experts in Organic Living Soil Cultivation

Attending the Soil Life Summit in Nevada City was an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in commercial organic living soil cultivation. The event…

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Wood fibre potting mix

Living Soil Formula Increases Organic Food Production In Home Gardens

It’s no secret, our gardens are an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. We plant an array of heritage and common fruit and vegetable varieties with the hope of…

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Vegepod on a small balcony overlooking city

Vegepod gardening with living soil

Vegepod raised garden beds and Living Soil: The ultimate compact veggie growing combo. The popularity of home vegetable gardens continues to grow, as fresh and frozen food prices…

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Insect Frass for improving plant health.

Insect Frass, a sustainable plant nutrient product Black soldier fly larvae frass - their solid digestate - is the only substance to contain a form of chitin that is  plant…

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Photograph of man checking the quality of living soil

Maximising potential in living soils

The following article is a guide to help growers achieve the highest quality harvests in living soils. I've compiled this method from many years of trial and error and generous…

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Photo of Easy as Organics living soil on right versus standard potting soil on left. Plants on left grown in Easy as organics are larger and healthier.

Potting Mix Trials Update

Easy As Organics Water Only Soil vs Commercially Available Certified Organic Potting Mix Plants grown in biologically active soils exude compounds from their roots via…

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Photo of capsicum seedlings used in the Easy as Organics living soil versus standard potting soil trial

Living organic soil vs standard organic potting mix

Grow trial For this trial I have 3x 45L fabric pots with our Water Only Soil and a single 45L fabric pot with the most expensive organic potting soil available from Bunnings.……

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No Till Gardening and Mineral Balancing in Containers

Growing in living organic soil has endless benefits when compared with more conventional methods that require careful and measured applications of synthetic chemical fertilisers…

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Photo of praying mantis on cumfrey leave

Organic Pest Management Tips

Organic cultivation requires natural methods of dealing with pests. Organic pest management methods should take into account the preservation of soil microbiome and biodiversity…

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Photo of Southern No Till Regenerate product

New Products: For re-amending no till gardens and recycling old soil.

No till, organic gardening is our passion and we are really excited to launch Southern No Till, a brand that is fully dedicated to all natural cultivation styles. Our product…

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Living Soil

Easy As Organics Soil Blend – What’s it made from?

Circular Food Easy As Organics Soil Blend -…

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