Attending the Soil Life Summit in Nevada City was an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the top experts in commercial organic living soil cultivation. The event brings together notable individuals and business representatives in the industry to discuss the latest innovations and practices in organic crop production. In this article, we’ll provide insights into some of the key speakers and their presentations at the Soil Life Summit. The 2 day conference was organised by Grassroots Fabric Pots and was very professional with full catering by awesome local food vendors as well as a seperate industry expo area

Key Speakers and Presentations: Bill McKibbon, from Logan Labs, spoke about the importance of soil testing and analysis in developing a comprehensive nutrient management plan. He emphasized the significance of understanding the specific needs of each crop and tailoring soil amendments accordingly. Bill provided an effective method for taking samples from field soil and growing media to obtain the greatest level of test accuracy.

Casey and Kisha from Catalyst Bioamendments presented innovative techniques in broad-acre application of biocomplete compost extracts. Their methods of composting and extracting the beneficial microorganisms present in the compost can be used to improve soil health and plant growth. Many large scale regenerative farmers across the USA have benefited from these biological inoculants contributing to lowered pest pressure, healthier, more resilient plants, and greatly reduced fertilizer requirements.

Scott Wall and Jenny Garley from New Age Laboratories specialize in sap testing as a tool for growers to monitor real-time plant nutrient uptake and movement. They stressed the importance of understanding how plants take up nutrients from the soil and how the plant then uses the nutrients for energy production. Using this data, nutrient uptake bottlenecks and deficiencies can be avoided by making informed nutrient application decisions before the deficiency occurs.

Michael, Izzy, and Cooper of Sustainable Village presented groundbreaking new methodology around plant and soil-driven automated irrigation. Their approach saves water, labor, and ultimately increases plant health and yield.

Tad Hussey and Ben Higgins of KIS Organics emphasized the importance of researching and testing new products before using them in a garden or farm. They also explained a high-level model of biological succession over varying timescales based on the type of species and how important it is to protect microbial populations in soil for healthy crops.

Steve Cantwell closed the event with an inspiring life story of his journey from becoming a successful MMA fighter to owning and operating a permaculture-based no-till indoor cannabis facility. The facility, Greenlife Productions, is a no-waste facility, composting all green waste and returning it to his raised beds as well as using all waste water from his dehumidifiers and air conditioning. Steve explained his application of permaculture practices in his indoor organic facility that include the use of specially selected covercrops in certain areas of his raised beds that trap pests, keeping them away from the primary crop for later removal from the operation. He’s expanded his business to start Greenlife Produce, a no-till, regenerative vegetable farm, which is also DEM Pure certified, serving his local area of Pahrump, Nevada with the highest quality, organic vegetables.

Attending the Soil Life Summit is an excellent way to learn from industry experts and gain insights into the latest practices and techniques in organic living soil cultivation. The event provides an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and learn from the best in the business. Personally, I gained so much from spending time with experts in commercial organic crop production and have applied some of the knowledge to my growing media and methodology already. If you’re interested in organic living soil cultivation, be sure to attend next year’s Soil Life Summit.