Quick start

Step 1

Pick the right size container for your plants. If growing heavy-feeding annuals, a minimum of 50L soil per plant will provide adequate nutrients for complete growing cycles.

Step 2

Fill your containers up to about 50mm from the top with Easy As Organics Living Soil. Do not compact, allow soil to settle naturally.

Step 3

Evaporate chlorine from tap water in a reservoir before use. You can use your water in less than an hour if aerating with aquarium stones.

Step 4

Slowly water soil with a sprayer or watering can until evenly moist throughout the container. Allow up to 24 hours for complete soil hydration. Repeat the process if needed until you can squeeze a handful of soil and it forms a clump.

Step 5

Place your seedling or cutting firmly in the centre of the pot and cover the root ball with more soil. Apply a small amount of water to set new seedling or rooted cutting in place.

Step 6

Place a 20mm layer of organic straw mulch on top.

Step 7

To maintain peak plant health, avoid overwatering by aiming for soil that is evenly moist with no runoff. This will ensure adequate oxygen in the rootzone, promote an aerobic microbial community and efficient, plant driven nutrient cycling for maximum genetic expression.