Vegepod raised garden beds and Living Soil: The ultimate compact veggie growing combo.

The popularity of home vegetable gardens continues to grow, as fresh and frozen food prices soar in Australia. With labour shortages,  the rise in costs of fuel, fertilisers and freight as well as the recent floods have seen the price of fresh foods like broccoli rise by 75% between March and April.  

More people have turned to growing their own where sales of vegetable seedlings increased by 30% from 2020 to 2021 across Australia. Starting a vegetable garden, no matter how big or small, is a great  way to reduce reliance on food from supermarkets, improve health by getting active outdoors in the garden while consuming nutrient dense foods grown in rich, organic living soil. One of our awesome stockists, Fran’s Hydroponics have curated some easy and effective vegepod raised garden bed kits to get you growing your own veggies right away.

Vegepod on a small balcony overlooking city

This method of vegetable growing is great for people with busy lifestyles. You don’t need much space and can easily set up on small balconies and back yards. Vegepod Australia have designed a high quality and effective sub irrigated planter system so you only need to provide the growing media, vegetable seedlings, water and sunlight.

self watering raised garden bed with vegetables

Sub irrigated planter beds only require filling a reservoir with water at the bottom of the bed. The soil will wick the water up into the root zone as it dries via capillary action. This action increases or decreases based on plant needs and environmental conditions.

Vegepod self watering raised bed for vegetable growing

Read the full article from Fran’s hydroponics for a complete guide on getting the most from your small, back yard veggie garden.