Hemp Health and Innovation Expo Melbourne 2018

The Hemp Health and Innovation Expo has become a major showcase for up and coming entrepreneurs and established companies alike. It presents incredible opportunities for the general public to discover first hand the massive potential benefits of hemp and medicinal cannabis directly from experts in the industry. Exhibitors at the Melbourne Hemp Health and Innovation Expo showcased a wide range of businesses offering innovative hemp food and beverages, medicinal information and products, building materials and of course, cultivation equipment and materials.

We were very impressed by the public’s growing knowledge of organic growing methods using living soils in containers.  People were very receptive to organic cultivation methods as an environmentally sustainable and healthy alternative to using synthetic bottled nutrients in a sterile growing medium. Some of our HHI Expo customers have already given us great feedback about how well their Easy As Organics Water Only Soil is performing. Two customers have even setup controls to compare the difference between conventional growing and our water only living organic soil and are thrilled with the results so far.

The HHI Expo is an excellent forum for networking and public awareness for both the general public as well as businesses.  We look forward to seeing you at the next show in Sydney 2019.