Easy As Organics Living Soil

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  1. Living organic, water only soil. Just mulch and water it! No need for chemical, bottled fertilisers.  Get great yields and produce harvests with incredible complexity of flavour and aroma.


Living Organic Potting Soil

Living soil blend, for all potted and raised bed plants. Easily grow the highest quality, nutrient dense and vibrant crops. Unlock genetic potential of your favourite varieties for amazing plant phytochemical production. Produce excellent yields without the need for any liquid synthetic fertilisers. High total cation exchange and water holding capacity with optimal air porosity. Mineral balanced, guided by lab analysis from EAL Laboratories. See the “Soil Analysis” tab for typical nutrient, pH, and base saturation figures.

  • Living Organic Water Only Soil
  • Made in Australia
  • No need for bottled nutrients. No need to adjust irrigation water pH.
  • Maximise genetic expression and yield potential of your favourite plant varieties. Experience complex and amazing flavours and aromas from natural terpene production.
  • Reduce waste. No bottles, soil or root balls to throw away.


Sphagnum peat moss, worm castings, scoria, organic compost, biochar, paramagnetic basalt rock dust, malted barley, Glencoe soft ag lime, gypsum, Irish kelp meal, neem seed meal, fish meal, colloidal soft rock phosphate

This is a living soil that promotes an ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms and predator insects. Over time you will see a diverse ecosystem of insects underneath the mulch. They are part of the soil food web that helps to break down organic matter and releases nutrients in a plant available form. Some will even produce compounds that destroy pests, boost natural plant immunity and protect plants from disease! 

Easy As Organics Water Only Soil is a perfect base for no till gardening and can be re-used with proper care. Research more to find out about this sustainable gardening system. Start with our helpful FAQ.



Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions50 × 33 × 16 cm

Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis



8 reviews for Easy As Organics Living Soil

  1. Andre

    I love this product! My plants have been thriving from day one. I couldn’t be happier!

    • easyasorganics

      Thanks for the feedback, good to hear!

  2. Tom

    Awesome product! This is my first foray into gardening and my veges are flourishing. Easy As:)

  3. Lilly

    Amazing. Vegetables are thriving and love the no till, no fertilizer aspect. Simply water, so easy!

  4. Daniel Mladenov

    top notch

  5. Chris

    Wow the difference i was getting from my produce to what im getting now is amazing and im doing less work than before

  6. Trevor

    Brilliant stuff, this soil will have your plants thriving.
    Apart from a few simple IPM strategies this truely is water only from seed to harvest.
    Great yields and flavour like nothing else.
    Thanks EAO👍

  7. Tina

    So so happy with this amazing soil. The plants are thriving! Thanks heaps guys!!

  8. Cynthia Macias-Rivera (verified owner)

    Easy as! After dishing out hundreds on nutrients in the past and countless hours lost measuring and feeding plants, I will never waste time and money on them again since starting to use easy as water only soil. Outstanding service from the owner, who else puts their personal number out there and answers after hours?! Highly recommend this stuff, plants are the happiest they’ve ever been and THRIVING.

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