Blumat Digital Moisture Meter accurately measures the moisture level near your roots.

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Blumat Digital Moisture Meter accurately measures the moisture level near your roots.

Often the moisture near the surface where you can feel is fine while the soil near the roots is dry as dust – or the reverse: dry at the surface and over-watered at the roots. Seasonal differences can cause these conditions to rapidly reverse. With this Blumat Digital Sensor, you won’t have to guess! The Blumat Digital Moisture Meter will enable you to know exactly if your plants need water or not.

Comes in clear tube with precise instructions and number readings that apply for different seasons and different kinds of plants.

The Blumat Digital Moisture Meter works in a similar way to the Tropf-Blumat but it does not control watering. It measures the levels of moisture or dryness. It operates using the tensiometer principle and indicates the amount of force necessary for a plant to absorb water.

This method of measurement allows for very accurate recognition of the level of moisture near the roots and therefore, a more exact application of water – whether by hand or automated in large container plantings. For example, when over-wintering plants, it’s very important to keep a moderate moisture level – sometimes harder than watching for this during the growing season. And of course in the summer for monitoring and adjusting your watering schedules. Knowing the moisture level in large containers is no longer a matter guesswork and experience, but rather of concrete numerical data. The Blumat Digital Moisture Meter will enable the grower to really optimise watering, dialling the moisture content of your soil into perfection.

The lower the number readings, the more wet the soil. On average, the standard Blumat setting of two arrows down from a drop holding = 120 mb. Aim for 70-100mb in veg, 85-120 in bloom). The higher the reading, the more dry.

See Sustainable Village for detailed information on Blumat use cases and best practice.

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