Boost Your Soil Health with BacTerra™️

Our bio-fertiliser contains specific strains of bacillus bacteria that enhance soil structure, improve nutrient uptake, and boost plant health. It reduces the need for fertilisers, promotes nitrogen fixation, and increases disease resistance, leading to higher yields and superior crop quality. Ideal for sustainable agriculture, it also aids in soil remediation and balances soil pH at the root zone.



BacTerra™️ is a blend of specific antagonistic strains of bacillus bacteria meticulously formulated to supercharge your crops’ performance. Each strain plays a crucial role in enhancing soil structure, improving nutrient uptake, and boosting overall plant health, leading to higher yields and superior crop quality.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduces Fertiliser Dependency: By improving nutrient uptake efficiency, BacTerra™️ helps reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers, promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.
  • Enhances Nutrient Availability: BacTerra’s unique strains facilitate the solubilisation of soil-bound phosphorus and potassium, making these essential nutrients readily available to plants for optimal growth.
  • Promotes Nitrogen Fixation: Aids in the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available forms, enriching the soil with this vital nutrient and reducing the need for nitrogen-based fertilisers.
  • Boosts Plant Immunity: Strengthen your crops’ natural defences. By fortifying the plant’s immune structure, it enhances resistance to pests and diseases, reducing the reliance on chemical interventions.
  • Balances Soil pH: Regulates soil pH at the root zone, creating an optimal environment for nutrient absorption and promoting healthy root development.
  • Accelerates Growth Rates: Accelerates plant growth rates with natural growth-promoting properties, resulting in healthier plants and faster maturation.
  • Soil Remediation: Aids in the remediation of heavy metals, pesticide residues, and herbicides in soil, promoting soil health and sustainability.
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